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Star Trek VI - Rotta Verso L'ignoto 3 Online Free sakkkir




Plot In 2374, while on a diplomatic mission to Khitomer, the crew of the USS Enterprise meets the historian on board the USS Columbia, which the Columbia is investigating. Dr. Roger Korren, an old friend of the Enterprise crew and the only person the Enterprise could trust to look after Dr. McCoy during their mission, had been hiding his genetic identity as a Romulan. The Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and the Columbia meet with Admiral Korvak of the Klingon High Council, who announces that Chancellor Gorkon has been assassinated. Korvak then tells the Enterprise that the assassination was arranged by the Romulans and that the Enterprise has been charged with the assassination of the Chancellor. Captain Kirk tries to escape and board the Columbia, but Korvak stops him, ordering the Enterprise to remain under his command until the Chancellor has been killed. Meanwhile, McCoy discovers that Korren has been killed by a Romulan assassin. Worf later reveals that the assassins were dispatched by Romulan Commander San'Shyuum, who wishes to prevent the final peace treaty with the Federation. The Enterprise crew faces an unexpected battle at the base camp where the Enterprise will be stationed for the murder, with a large number of Klingon and Romulan forces gathered around it. Korvak reveals that the Starfleet officer assigned to investigate the assassination of Gorkon was Captain Kirk, and that a Romulan conspiracy will soon unravel. Kirk has been hiding a small piece of Vulcan technology that McCoy had taken from Korvak in return for Korvak's help with McCoy's injuries. As the Enterprise confronts the Starfleet team, Captain Kirk uses his technology to stun and overpower Captain Montgomery Scott and Lieutenant Uhura. Montgomery Scott is sentenced to death by Korvak, but his family and the crew of the Enterprise free him and he escapes. Korvak subsequently beheads Scotty, who proceeds to stab Korvak with the Vulcan cross-bladed phaser. Korvak now has Captain Kirk's technology, but he and McCoy are both teleported away by the Romulans. As McCoy is revived in a Romulan prison, Scotty appears in the Romulan prison, having travelled there via a special transporter beam. He begins to work on the Romulan transporter. Scotty revives Korvak and McCoy. Korvak then reveals that he has hidden a torpedo on the Enterprise to be used against the Klingon fleet. The Enterprise



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Star Trek VI - Rotta Verso L'ignoto 3 Online Free sakkkir

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